How to Choose the Best For Your Business

Choosing a marketing agency is one of the greatest challenges your business will face. For this, one has to consider three critical points. Growing businesses will find this article quite useful. If you’re looking for a marketing agency in Sydney that delivers results, the contact details are given at the end of the article.

1. Brand Building
Will the marketing agency you choose be successful in promoting your brand identity? Your brand identity heralds your business. The branding of your business, projects not only your business but also gives an idea about the way the company works.

A strong brand identity gives a business an edge over others. A firm that specializes in branding will blend your name, logo and tagline into your marketing strategy. Proper brand identification in all marketing activities will be ensured with a set of brand guidelines. Make sure you look up case studies where the prospective branding agency has helped in brand building of other companies.

2. A good marketing strategy will pay for itself many times over
Confirm that your Sydney marketing agency will provide you with the knowledge you need for developing a great marketing strategy. This entails having an understanding of the following:

a. The company’s goals and history

b. Where does your company stand with respect to its competitors? Where would you like your company to figure in the overall market scenario?

c. What are the marketing materials that your company has created so far?

Does your marketing material fit into the brand position you wanted?

Your company should now be able to start the process of bringing their ideas to light step by step.

3. Taking your strategy and moving forward
There’s more to implementing your marketing strategy than just creating one. You need to first ask yourself if you have the right tools and knowledge to bring your strategy into effect. If you don’t, then you must make sure that at least your marketing consultants do. Even so this condition could filter out your search for the best marketing agency. A good marketing agency will ensure your rightful place amongst other giant competitors at an affordable rate.


Australian Promotional Products

Australian promotions are often underrated in Australia for their quality and content. Australia actually produces a lot of major brands known around the world, and the promotional process is the main reason they’re so well known. As a matter of fact, the “Australianization” of promotions has created a lot of major brand identities. Promotional products have been many and varied. From shrimps on barbies to Ugg boots, Fosters, Vegemite and Lexus cars, there is s a history of Australian products which have become household identities through promotion.

All things Australian- Promotional products that keep on selling

Australian promotions are very much lifestyle-based. The big names in Australian products are all linked to living-well in the true Australian sense. The famous brand name Eskies, for example, is a major promotional product. Any such product, to do with sport, all accessories, and any promotional image related to the iconic Australian sports, sells out.

The Australian image- A natural association in promotions

The appeal is in the association with lifestyle values. Australian products like Australian beers and foods all use promotional products in some form to advertise. This is a strong marketing relationship in which the Australian element is heavily featured. This is a sort of “two way branding”, in which the promotional product reflects the recipient’s values. The Fosters T shirt is considered Australian, as much as any sort of product promotion.

The commercial promotion approach

Promotional products are big business in Australia. A promotion company can order a whole suite of customized items online from major Australian suppliers, and set up a complete targeted promotional campaign easily. This flexibility in supply of promotional materials gives a lot of space for very effective creative marketing.

The unforgettable promotional products

Promotional advertising, marketing merchandising and promotional giveaways often combine to form unforgettable product identities:

Come on Aussie- This hook line created a huge range of promotional materials, everything from T shirts to songs, which then operated as strong selling material for promotion of both the campaign and the products.

The Boxing Kangaroo- The only kangaroo image which has persisted in Australian marketing other than QANTAS, the Boxing Kangaroo is a staple of the sports industry promotional materials.

Kids images- The Wiggles and Bananas in Pajamas are immovable and enduring fixtures on international kids promotions.

Australian Made- The distinctive logo has now been in service for decades, and is still actively

These iconic products are a good example of how promotional ideas translate into extremely strong promotional merchandise.

The most effective marketing combinations of Australian products all involve:

  • Strong brand presence creation
  • Good advertising materials tailored to the market
  • Good hook lines
  • A wide range of promotional product options based on the advertising

The range of promotional options is defined across market segments by the brand’s market identity. This branding approach is particularly useful for business promotional concepts where a specific market segment is being targeted. Creative marketing concepts really are the key to successful creative promotional methods.

Right Business Marketing Strategies Can Boost Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business or just trying to bring new life to your current business, a great place to start is incorporating the best business marketing strategies. Without a business plan and detailed strategy to guide you, it’s kind of like letting your business blow around like a leaf in the wind. But with business marketing strategies you can purposefully take steps in your business efforts to increase customer interest and improve the bottom line.

Most business owners have heard of strategic marketing but they are not sure how to apply it to their businesses. Reality is that many owners are just trying to help their businesses survive in this tough economic time, so thinking about things like business marketing strategies and communications seems impossible. However, pushing aside something as important as your marketing strategy leaves you even more vulnerable to hard times. Now more than ever is when your business needs a solid plan for success.

The first step to creating a business marketing strategy is research, and lots of it. You will want to know what is going on in your niche and industry as well as understand your target audience. It is surprising how many business owners do not even take into consideration their target customers’ interests and needs as they market their businesses. As you research this target audience, you learn all about them, what they like and dislike, and what drives buying decisions.

Once you do the research, you are better able to tailor your marketing communications message to effectively connect with prospective customers. Your traffic and customer conversions will undoubtedly increase, as you meet customers where they are with the solutions they need.

Consider how you can set your business apart from the competition. By developing new products and creative solutions, your business will stand out. Do something that no one else is doing whether it is bonus reports, video trainings, or informational newsletters. Treat your prospective customers well by offering them something of value for free, and you will be able to draw them in, earn their respect and trust and then offer the products and services that will convert them into paying customers.

Another important part of creating a marketing strategy is to identify the desired future of your business. Look ahead one, five and ten years down the road. Where do you want your business to be? Consider the different trends in marketing and how you use them to promote your business. For example, incorporate video marketing, webinars and social marketing. These tools can help your business to stay on the cutting edge of marketing. Your prospective customers will view your business as being professional and relevant, which is always a bonus when securing new sales.

A business without a strategy is like a traveler without a map. You want to carefully plan out your marketing efforts in order to end up where you want to be months and years from now. If you need help mapping out your business marketing strategies, consider investing in professional services. Expert assistance can help you to move forward in your marketing with confidence, knowing you have the methods in place to take your business to the top of the industry.


Using Organic Online Advertising to Grow Your Local Business

What’s a business owner to do about local online advertising? I know that the average business owner feels over overwhelmed and confused by all of the different faces of online marketing and advertising. And I can’t blame them, can you?

PPC, CPC, SEO, SERPs, Twitter, Facebook, social marketing and organic search marketing can all deliver results so where should most businesses start?

In this article I’ll do my best to clear up any confusion and set you on a course of action that makes sense and works.

Keep It Simple!

In the end, you can cut through the majority of the alphabet soup by breaking your options into two major categories: “Paid” and “Unpaid”.

Free, Natural and Organic Local Online Advertising

Sounds like health food, doesn’t it? The “free”, “natural”, or “organic” search engine results are the 10 listings that appear on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the term you searched. For any given search term there will be anywhere from a few to a few hundred thousand pages of search engine results returned to you when you search.

Now you may be thinking “search engine results are not advertising” and that’s where you and most other local business owners would be wrong! Search engine results and the web pages that they lead to are one of the most effective forms of advertising ever created!

They May Be Natural and They May Be Organic But They Are Definitely Not Free!

Advertising, by definition is: “the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements.”

Well, in order for your website to appear on the first page of the search engine results page (remember- 89.71% of all searchers never go beyond Page 1) you will have had to at the very least:

  • purchase a domain name
  • pay to have a website created or create one yourself (and I know your time is not free!)
  • and likely a whole lot more!

So, according to the definition of advertising an organic listing is most definitely online advertising!

How It Works | Making Organic Local Online Advertising Effective

Google and the other search engines don’t just deliver the results you see in some random fashion. In fact quite the opposite is true and each search engine (but in particular Google) uses an ever-changing complex algorithm to determine exactly what results to show. Our testing and research indicate that the following are critical elements in these algorithms:

  • the quality of the webpage content
  • the relevance of the webpage content to the search term
  • how the web page is constructed (Title, keyword density, linking structure)
  • page loading speed
  • the number and quality of other web pages linking to your webpage.

Get these elements correct and in the right proportions and you will be rewarded with a Page 1 SERP listing, get them wrong and at best you will be lost in Page 2 or beyond and at worst you will be banned from the search results altogether.

Search engine companies such as Google hire the brightest minds in the world to constantly tweak their algorithm to provide the optimum user experience. All of the tricks and “Black Hat” tactics that worked five years ago; keyword stuffing, meta-tag stuffing and link farms have all gone by the wayside. Google is simply too smart to be fooled for long.

Pros and Cons of Organic Local Online Advertising

The big plus for organic local online advertising is that it is highly targeted and highly effective. In a recent survey 90% of all local consumers surveyed indicated that they relied upon search engine results to help them make their product and service purchasing decisions.

Combine this with search behavior studies that show most people never go beyond Page 1 when searching and having Page 1 search engine listings for your most important buying phrases is an almost guaranteed way to get more new customers.

A second big plus is that although it is not technically “free” organic search advertising remains extremely cost-effective. Once you have the fundamentals in place to get ranked, convert visitors to customers or at least to start conversations; the ongoing maintenance and improvement costs are relatively small, especially as compared to pay per click.

There are two drawbacks to organic local online advertising. The first is that unlike PPC you cannot have an organic campaign up and running in a matter of hours. Depending upon how competitive your local marketplace is for the products and services that you provide it can take anywhere from a few weeks to even years to get to the first page of the SERPs for each of your most important buying phrases.

The second is that even in markets with relatively little competition it takes significant expertise, energy and effort to get all the factors in Google’s puzzle to correctly lineup- especially building the back links necessary to grab a number one listing (which by the way gets approximately 40% of all the clicks on Page 1).

So unless you want to spend a disproportionate amount of your most precious asset, your time, you will need to hire a company that has local organic online advertising expertise to do it for you.

The good news is that as compared to yellow book, direct mail, newspaper, and radio advertising a complete turnkey local online organic advertising system is quite inexpensive to get rolling and even less expensive to maintain.

Small Business Marketing Strategies

You can teach small business marketing strategies all day long, but if your audience doesn’t grasp them and understand the importance of marketing, they simply will not get any value out of it. It’s really strange.

It’s like putting a 747 in the hands of an experienced pilot versus someone that knows nothing about flying. One of the biggest issues I see in small business owners is not having a marketing mindset.

Also, a lot of entrepreneurs are confusing marketing strategies with sales strategies. They think selling is the same thing as marketing but selling is only one aspect of a small business’s marketing effort.

I define selling as what you do when you’re face to face or on the phone and attempting to either communicate the benefits of your services or your product, then identify pains that your product or service will eliminate and offer your prospect a solution to their pain/problem.

Marketing strategies are things you do to get someone face to face with you or on the phone, in a seminar, on your email list or whatever your sales environment is. If you do your marketing right the only people you’ll end up with are prospects who fit this criteria which is – they are interested in your product/service and pre-qualified.

There are thousands of great sales people starving to death because they don’t have anyone to present their product/service to. They don’t know how to get people face to face with them, people who are motivated in doing business with them. They just don’t use marketing at all.

As a small business owner try to find a small group of people that does business with you over and over again. Build rapport, establish a relationship with them, know exactly what their pains are and offer them solutions. Focus on relationships, not a one-time sales transaction. Continue to market to this group continuously because they will refer people to you, provided you do a good job fixing their problems.

Your marketing strategy must enable you to enter a conversation in your prospect’s mind that’s already existing. Selling a race car if your prospect is shopping for safety is incompatible with what goes on in her mind.

Having a marketing strategy means owning a marketing mindset and creating an environment of dialogues not monologues. Your marketing must answer the prospect’s question “Who can I trust?”. Before that question is not answered which then diffuses your prospect’s fear, no transaction will take place.

Let’s say one of your marketing strategies is to get people on the phone and then sell them your product/service over the phone. Here’s how you could do it: instead of putting your name, rank, serial no… on your business card, drive people to a free 5 min recorded message telling them all the great stuff about your business.

If they are interested they press 0 and are connected to you or someone else.

My point is, the right small business marketing strategies can turn a simple piece of paper, a card, and turn it into a great lead generator with a perfect sales pitch on autopilot.

Promotional Advertising Gifts

Advertising generally entails using a clear, short, and simple message to attract the attention of people. In order to effectively promote something, you need to ensure that you are getting adequate attraction and that the message you are relaying is coming out in a clear and comprehensible manner. Remember, you need to stay focused on your target market and its demographics. You should determine what the best way is to attract this group of people to your products, services, or business. In addition, it’s important to consider some crucial factors when purchasing advertising gifts.

Utilizing such items in your marketing plans means that you need to carefully think about the products you choose. Once you select a product, you first need to consider what color you want it to be. This may seem like an unimportant and simple factor, but it actually has a large impact on the potential of your advertising success. The product’s color is the initial thing that will grab your audience’s attention. You should try to pick colors that are vibrant and bright, but if you are going to distribute promotional clothing or apparel, then you do not want to have gaudy or tacky colors. Apparel is meant to be worn and if the color is not what your target market likes to wear, then you will end up wasting your money and your message will not be conveyed or seen by enough people.

There are a lot of companies that use promotional advertising gifts to obtain increased recognition of their company’s logo or brand. When using these products to enhance logo visibility and recognition, you should try to give something that is both useful and practical. Another effective tactic is to consistently use the same product in all your product promotions and advertising.

Using humor is another good way to attract consumers to a business. It not only grabs your target market’s attention but it is also great for brightening up someone’s day or lifting someone’s spirits. When making use of comedy, such as a funny saying or a humorous cartoon or picture, you should make sure that it is something that your target audience will find appealing, rather than offensive or repulsive.

With some creativity and use of your imagination, you can get some great promotional advertising gifts to promote your business. Follow the tips that you pick up from your current customers, from people around you, and from business partners and associates. Combine the knowledge from these people and you will come up with a good product and a smart advertising and promotional plan.

If you want to browse through or shop from a large selection and variety of items then hop online and visit different vendors and websites. Remember, businesses that are both big and small make use promotional advertising gifts. The reason for this is because the benefits of advertising via such products are time tested and proven. So if you are searching for the right method for advertising then definitely take these items into consideration. This approach can have a very positive impact on your brand and company image!

Many Internet Marketing Tips Leave Out Of The Equation

It is quite simple to find a lot of Internet marketing tips on the Internet. But many of the online marketing tips found usually leave a lot out of the equation, and what is left out is usually very important. In this article I want to give you three things that are left out so you no longer have to feel as if you are going at the game of Internet marketing half cocked. You will be able to better understand what to do in Internet marketing after reading this article.

1. A clear description of how to do specific things

Whenever you are looking at online marketing tips on the Internet you may get excited by what you read, and you might believe in the tips working for you. But you walk away with questions sometimes, and many of these questions revolve around how to do specific things. Whenever you still have these types of questions in mind then you cannot move with confidence when implementing a particular tip.

2. A clear step-by-step approach

A clear step-by-step approach is usually left out of many of the online marketing tips you come across. Granted, some of them will usually be set up in a how-to format but they will still not be clear enough. In order for someone to feel good about taking action on a particular tip they need specific steps they need to take in exact order. It also wouldn’t hurt to have specific times to take these steps.

3. A backup solution for the most relevant steps

Sometimes when you are looking at Internet marketing tips you will come across a step you feel is good, but in your mind you are asking yourself what do you do if it doesn’t work? In this case having a backup solution to it would be greatly appreciated. Especially if this step is one of the main ones in an important strategy. Not having a backup for this important step may cause you to give up when you hit a particular bump in the road.

If you have ever felt like the Internet marketing tips you were coming across on the Internet were leaving something out of the equation, then you are probably right. Hopefully after reading this article I have given you some information that will help you make better decisions with the Internet marketing tips you decide to follow. Just because the person giving you these tips may seem to be an expert that doesn’t mean you should follow everything they say as if it is gospel. Sometimes asking questions is a good thing that will save you from trouble.

Online Brand Marketing Strategy

Every successful business has to have a brand marketing strategy. In fact, it should be one of the points in your general business strategy, because without strong product advertising, you are unlikely to be able to manage a profitable business. The modern marketing strategy for your business should allow you to start advertising your product on the web, taking particular care to launch your brand onto social media sites and professional networking sites. Without using online contacts, your business might struggle to successfully build brand awareness which is essential to success. The internet is a good source of brand building applications that can help you to implement a marketing strategy for your product.

Many business gurus believe that the brand marketing strategy is essentially developing the idea of the product. In this world view, the brand is a concept and can be made up of different elements, including: consumer perception, brand promises, and the ‘personality’ of the brand. These three things together make some people very passionate about a product, while others are more indifferent. In order to reach the most people and justify your brand building efforts, you will have to have a firm idea in your mind of what your marketing campaign will look like, and how it will proceed. This idea is the most significant part of your brand strategy.

Taking your idea into the social media market place is very daunting and you need to bear in mind that most customers have seen and heard all of your pre-prepared witty dialogues and banter before. In order to bring people into your company’s social networking pages, your brand marketing strategy should have three clear aims: firstly, you should try and build a promotion which is distinctive and different from the run-of-the-mill products. You will need to create a distinctive ‘personality’ for your brand, building on the original concept of the brand.

Secondly, you must create a tight relationship with your potential customers. Social media is the ideal location to start this process, as it encourages clients to ‘like’ or ‘approve’ your posts or blogs, and this can encourage and then develop business-client trust. Thirdly, you must utilize your customer’s access to social media websites to help spread the word about your brand. If you have a good, distinctive brand with a clear concept, then this may actually happen without needing your encouragement, such as when a promotional video ‘goes viral’. This is the best possible outcome for your brand marketing strategy.

Unstoppable Top Tips to Beat Your Competition

Are you struggling to think of creative marketing ideas to promote your business? It can be hard, but here are 5 fresh ideas to get your creative juices flowing again. They each show how treating your customers as individuals and personalising the way you do business with them can really make an impact on customer retention.

Did you know? – Research shows that it costs you 6-8 times as much to gain a new customer as to keep an existing one, so don’t let your customers slip away!

An excellent way to make your customers feel special is to personalise your communications with them. You know yourself that if a business you are dealing with takes the trouble to know you by name, it makes you feel that bit more special; that bit more appreciated.

You may feel that personalisation is too much trouble or too expensive for your business, but take a look at these ideas before you dismiss it out of hand:

1. Shortly after a customer has purchased from you, send them a personalised note, offering them (by name) the chance to buy again at a discount (with an expiration date so that it does not just get filed away). Make it clear that this is a special deal, just for them, as a thank-you for doing business with you.

2. If you know the customer’s date of birth from your records, why not send them a birthday card? For the cost of a card and a stamp, you have brightened their day and put your business back in front of their eyes.

3. When a customer buys from your business, send a thank-you note. Not an email, or a pre-printed, anonymous, computer-generated card but a real postcard or brief letter. Hand write the note if possible, thanking them for their custom, with enough detail that they can see you really know what they bought and that the thank you is genuine.

4. Make a note of the first time you do business with a customer, and send them a card on the anniversary of that date, maybe offering them a special deal on a repeat purchase.

5. Offer your customers the chance to join a free online “club” and send out regular newsletters announcing your latest product or service, offering special deals on slow-moving lines, or giving loyalty bonuses to club members. You might run a competition, with one of your products or services as the prize; you could offer an incentive for the best “bright idea” from a customer on how you could improve your business. The customers will feel special, you will be able to collect information about them, you might get some good ideas from them, and you will have a ready-made mailing list for product or service promotions.

Try brainstorming ideas with your employees – there are loads more ways that personalising your service can generate repeat business and help you retain good customers. These are just a few creative marketing ideas to help you get started.

Effective Advertising

You wouldn’t go out and spend money on something that will never work well for you. If you live in the middle of Utah, a yacht may not be a wise choice. If you are afraid of heights, investing in a single engine plane may not be a good purchase. Along the same lines, there is no point in investing your business budget into something less than effective advertising. You have to know when, where, and to whom you should be pitching your best advertising efforts. Luckily for you, there are many great places to stash your ads so that they are seen by the right people.

Effective advertising starts locally. Unless your business is totally online, you want to make sure your local community knows you are there. There are a few ways to do this. Have an open house or grand opening when you start out. You should also invite local media to come see what you have to offer. They may not cover it, but they may. This is very effective advertising. If you get covered by local media, you have just found virtually free and very wide reaching advertising that you may not be able to pay for otherwise. A grand opening is obviously an expense, but think of it as a very good investment.

Effective advertising means a few simple things. One, think about who you are going to sell to and where they are most likely to see your ads. If you are selling to the younger generation, you want areas that include many of the things that they are into. You should be able to pick these out easily enough if you have lived in your area long enough. The same can be said if you are selling to mostly women or if you are selling to an older generation. Use the same smarts you used to open our business to think about where you can place the most effective advertising locally.

Don’t limit yourself to your local area, unless you are exclusively offering a service that you can only do in your local area. Effective advertising can come in the form of a web site. Hire someone to build you one and then see what other local businesses will shore your link on their website. If you can find people online locally, that can be very effective advertising to draw them in. Not only that, you may find that you have business coming in from all over the country or even the world if you offer shipping. Think locally, but don’t forget that the Internet has made the world smaller and you may get business from just about anywhere.

Effective advertising can be done on radio, TV, and even through billboard with great results. These methods have been used for a long time, along with special events and promotional events, to draw in and keep local business. Worry about those things, but don’t forget to put some time into looking into new and rather inexpensive ways to advertise online through social networks, online ad space, and with a well written and developed website. These can all be your best tools towards a great and well spent advertising blitz.